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About Nadia & Co.

Nadia & Co’s wondrous cake designs and artisan sweet confections are the prodigy of artist Nadia Colella, who began her artistic journey at a young age.

Always a dreamer of ice cream bubble baths, quintessential tea parties, romantic imagery, pattern and all things excessively beautiful. Nadia always knew she would explore life through celebrating Art and Pastry.


Through the influence and guidance of Masters in the Fine Art & Pastry fields, Nadia enjoys exploring new ways to merge both passions into designing exclusive, custom tailored pieces of art, driven by her creative energy.


With a BFA specializing in painting and French pastry training Nadia & Co’s designs allure and motivate her audience in the rich history of art, while entertaining their taste buds, to create a world of decadent memories.


"Inspired by Art & Pastry, I invite you to indulge as you discover my galleries of cake and confections."



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Nadia Colella


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