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Our Bedroom

Sharing all the details on our master bedroom.

We have been in our home for 3 years and finally feeling good about the finishing touches of our bedroom.

In 2021, after our escape to France I was inspired to make some small changes as our bedroom project never truly felt fully complete. A top priority was to create a relaxing retreat, almost hotel room like where ending the day here would feel cozy and romantic.

It is a fairly small master bedroom, and this Midnight Garden print was always something I dreamt of having in our space. This was the jumping off point to the overall design. I knew that the pattern was rich and moody and not to allow the space to feel closed in I decided we would only wallpaper one feature wall. I love the pattern of the wallpaper and how it continues into the drapery and lampshade. To lighten things up, these nightstands in a dove grey helped inspire the rest of the space. From the grey linen duvet cover to the powder blue quilt and accenting patterned pillows. The perfect finishing touch the space needed was this bed crown, complete with custom grey blue drapery.

Our very own piece of France in our little abode.

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