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Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Somewhere between the rolling hills in the heart of Tuscany lies Borgo Santo Pietro.

When planning our escape to Italy I knew Florence was at the top of the list (more on that soon too!) but with the landscapes of Tuscany so close by, how can one resist?

When I found Borgo Santo Pietro I knew we had to experience this sanctuary.

With just two nights open I reworked the trip to accommodate and it did not disappoint.

Rather all my Italian countryside dreams came true right here and I’m already trying to figure out when to return.

Spanning across 300 acres, the 800-year-old farmhouse has a feeling of home- a luxury one that is.

The scent of burning wood and fresh botanicals filled the air upon arrival.

We were greeted with Prosecco and sat in one of the beautifully designed living rooms.

I could not contain my emotion, it was one of those moments where I felt truly overwhelmed by the beauty.

I don’t think my heart has recovered.

Only 20 rooms fill the property, and each has been designed with the utmost thoughtful details.

Our room “Giardin dé Fiori” was accented with the most exquisite hand painted antique pieces of furniture, delicate floral patterns, rose hued velvet curtains and a view of the courtyard.

Did I mention the claw footed copper tub fitted perfectly under a window with the most dainty relaxed Roman curtain or the lavender bon bons that kissed the pillows each night.

The things that make me happy!

Each space more beautiful then the last I was eager to step into the gardens, and capture the view.

With a ‘farm to plate’ philosophy everything is organically cultivated on the property from the dairy being transformed into cheese and yogurt to free-range chickens and wild boars for the table. In addition you’ll find 6-acres of herb gardens, honeybees, alpacas and extensive vineyards.

On the day of our arrival, we enjoyed a lovely picnic amongst the vines, taking our leftover wine for a bike ride around the gardens where we found the dreamiest pond surrounded by resting ducks. The fruit all over the property was impeccable, and if you can reach it, you can eat it!

Figs and grapes were beautifully in season. I cannot forget to mention they have rotating resident artists and florists who teach classes and create works for the property.

Their studio spaces equally magical, I can only imagine how inspiring it must feel to work amongst such charm.

Here is a video of some of the beautiful views.

Dinners were spent in their Trattoria Sull’Albero. A restaurant physically built around a large oak tree, bringing new meaning to tree houses. Elegantly decorated while overlooking the fields and forest of Valle Serena.

I’ve never seen so many candles lit, creating the most romantic glow.

Classic Tuscan fare showcasing the properties bounty, and my goodness I could cry thinking about it. Some of the best food I’ve ever indulged in, I still dream about the pappardelle with wild boar. Heavenly!

A highlight of our stay was taking a cooking class with local, Mamma Olga. A small class of 4, we learned to make 3 pasta dishes. She was so warm and welcoming, it felt like the good ol’ days being in the kitchen with Nonna with the exception that the kitchen was immaculate. She had such joy and enthusiasm sharing her recipes and especially loved Sergio. Speaking fluently has its perks when traveling to the motherland.

A serene spa experience all with their in house seed to skin products.

We enjoyed every moment of this nurturing retreat, being immersed in the harvesting ideologies and eating locally grown all while being in the most inspiring Italian setting.


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