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Easter Brunch Edit

There is something so special about the change in season. With sightings of blooms budding and the return of leaves, the buzzing sound of bees and dawns chorus.  A promise of new beginnings as the days grow longer and an awakening as spring fills the air. ⁣ The moment has arrived to swing open the doors, adorn our homes with blossoming branches, and invite dear ones for a delightful bounty inspired by the garden. With the first holiday of the season just around the corner, I have curated Easter brunch ideas from the tabletop to the menu. So hippy hoppity ! 

When planning an Easter table I have one piece of advice, think colourful! 

With the longer, brighter and warmer days ahead I cannot help but feel excited about colour. 

This will become your through-line from the place settings, to the decorative details and the menu.  

Food can also double as décor so don’t be afraid to experiment with your ingredients on the table, there is nothing more eye-catching than a bounty of fruits and vegetables from the farmers market. 

Here you will see we paired our Garden Toile Tablecloth with Blush Linen Napkins.

It wouldn't be spring without flowers, so I am incorporating our Flora Cocktail napkins too.

Accented by colourful dish and glassware, and decorative Easter eggs. 

My favourite detail may just be the floral arrangement we created filled with organic leafy carrots hand tied with early spring blooms.

An Easter menu follows the same principles as the table, let the food be bright and eye catching.

This time of year, we’re all craving something lighter and a daytime brunch feels like the perfect time of day host. 

I always recommend serving family style and cooking meals that can be prepared as much as possible in advance.

This allows you to enjoy the food and your company too!

I have curated below a beautiful menu inspired by the season. 

Spring Dressed Eggs

One of my favourite canapé's when hosting, this Spring inspired rendition is a delightful choice for your next gathering.

Blossom Quiche

One of the best things about a quiche is how easy it is to prepare in advance.

Although zucchini blossoms may be tricky to find at this time of year, you can easily substitute for in season vegetables from the market like mushrooms or easy to find staples like spinach and asparagus.

This is my favourite recipe and use it with different cheeses and herbs.

Be creative!

Smoked Salmon


Tartine is the French word for open-faced sandwiches.

They can be topped with an array of sweet or savoury ingredients, anything from jams to cheeses, to luxurious combinations of patés and fine charcuterie.

Smoked salmon is one of our favourites. I love these for brunch and really are perfect for hosting too!

Colourful Citrus Salad

Not only bright in colour but flavour too, this fresh salad is perfect for anytime of year.

The small bits of pickled red onion and olive are my favourite, they bring a salty, briny and acidic bite to the dish.

Get creative with different varieties of citrus and beets too!

Tarte Tropézienne

The Tarte Tropézienne is a dessert that is said to have dated back as far as the mid-17th century.

The raised brioche like dough is light and airy, and said to have been filled with pastry cream flavoured with vanilla bean and orange blossom water. The airy texture of the brioche paired with the luscious custard fills your palate with the fragrance of summer in the Côte d'Azur.

Coupe of Gold

Inspired by the iconic "Last Word," I was compelled to experiment with crafting my own rendition.

The substitute for maraschino cherry for elderflower liqueur offers a delicate floral note that beautifully complements the herbaceous qualities of gin and Chartreuse.

An ideal spring libation!


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