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Fresh Figs with Ricotta & Honey

I'm all about savouring small, delectable bites that make a lasting impact.

Fresh figs are a fleeting delight in the summertime, so seize the moment to enjoy their peak flavour, especially when paired with creamy ricotta and drizzled honey.

Photo by 515 Photo Co.

Mis en Place

Fresh Figs

Ricotta Cheese

*preferably fresh from a cheese shop or I love the brand Nonno Nanni

Pistachios, chopped




Fleur de Sel

Optional: Lemon Zest



Step 1

Slice dates in half lengthwise, being sure not to cut through fully, and then again in the opposite direction.

Dip in a small amount of honey and coat base with chopped pistachios.

Step 2

In a bowl lightly whip up ricotta and season with salt.

Pipe or spoon into the opened fig.

Step 3

Garnish with microgreens, additional chopped pistachios and bits of mint.

Drizzle honey and add an additional sprinkling of salt.

If using, finish with a zest of lemon.


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