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Most Charming Bars

When we travel one of my requirements is carving out time to slow down and embrace the environment. ⁣

For some that may look like a café or pondering through a good book shop.

For me, the search for the most charming bars continues.⁣

Not only enchanted by the spaces themselves but more importantly the intimacy and conversations cultivated.

Whether it be a romantic moment or good fun with company I’m reminded life is about living in the moment. ⁣

I have an ongoing list for travels to come but until then, here’s a look back at a few favourites over the last couple of years.⁣ I will be sure to update this list as I experience new ones so that you too can embrace the charm!

Prequel & Co Apothecary

Toronto, Canada

For all my Francophile followers, think Paris circa the late 1800’s.

The entrance is a botanical lovers dream and the tchotchke’s - just heaven!⁣⁣

All the cocktails are crafted in real time with a mortar and pestle, crushing herbs and botanicals, with the scent of burning wood and freshly squeezed citrus filling the space.

Bar Pisellino

New York, USA

Pisellino serves espresso and aperitivi alongside dolci and panini in celebration of the classic Italian bar.

Dedicated to the art of drinking, they specialize in wine and cocktails from a collection of amari and vermouth.

The Polo Bar

New York, USA

Ralph can really do no wrong!

Definitely, worth a spot at the bar. Its buzzy and cozy, has great comfort food and is truly chic

Swan Room

at Nine Orchard

New York, USA

New to the lower east side, this is one dreamy space with old world flare.

Originally built in 1912, a former bank that has been lovingly restored.

Bar Les Ambassadeurs

Paris, France

Located within the remodelled Hôtel de Crillon, a palace dating back to the late 18th century on Place de la Concorde. The space not only exudes elegance but draws in some of the most fashionable Parisians and world travellers. 

Most of the room’s original fixtures remain intact, including slabs of marble, the fresco painted ceilings and gilded moldings. Recently added to one of the top bars in the world, I can now see why, the menu that changes seasonally offers an inspiring take on the classics.

Mr. Foggs

London, England

Mr Fogg's is a collection of truly unique, adventurous and immersive bars transporting you back to the Victorian era.

Each of their locations tells a different story, with whimsical decor and cocktails.

The House of Botanicals is one of my personal favourites.

The Coral Room

at the Bloomsbury Hotel

London, England

The vibrant grand salon bar reflects an exquisite country house transported to the city.

The bar is located in one of my favourite boutique hotels.

Blaue Bar

at Sacher Vienna

Vienna, Austria

The legendary bar sets the tone for savoir vivre with its richly decorated blue brocade walls, plush upholstery and gold framed figure paintings.

Salon Rouge

at La Mirande

Avignon, France

La Mirande’s bar is set in a warm and inviting atmosphere with its 17th century painted ceiling and its working fireplace.

I enjoyed sipping French 75's and indulging in chocolate pot de creme.

Le Bar de la Bastide

at Airelles Gordes

Gordes, France

Perfectly Provençal, the bar at Airelles Gordes is what interior dreams are made of.

A calm and intimate atmosphere with authentic furniture and ancient portraits will take you on a journey through time.

Bar 228

at Le Meurice

Paris, France

The famous bar of a thousand stories.

Once a precious secret known only to local Parisians, Bar 228 is now one of the city's most sought-after meeting places.

Deep leather armchairs and discreet conversation, with nightly live jazz.

Atrium Bar

at the Four Seasons Florence

Florence, Italy

Whether you’re in the mood for a custom Negroni served from a trolley or a mid-afternoon espresso the light-filled, all-day lounge is the place to be seen.

Loggia Roof Bar

Florence, Italy

The charm is all in the sunset over Piazza Santo Spirito.

My favourite place to sip on Vin Santo with cantucci.

Eden-Roc Lounge

at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Antibes, France

Located on the rooftop of the sea-facing pavilion, this lounge welcomes you from sunset to starlight to revel in the Mediterranean panorama. Nautical decor and chill beats from the DJ set the scene as you discover cocktails inspired by the Riviera region.

One of the best cocktails I have had to date, called "Taste on the Roc" made with gin, pine syrup, basil, lemon juice and an orange blossom foam.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Rome, Italy

Set up by four Italian bartenders to bring Prohibition-era style to Rome. Low light setting, 1920s jazz, period outfits, secret passwords and, most importantly, classic cocktails properly done.

Bar at The Royal Mansour

Marrakech, Morocco

Like most things in Marrakech, The Royal Mansour is a journey through your senses.

An invitation to an atmosphere that can be peaceful or sparkling.


Tulum, Mexico

Over the jungle flora of Tulum, celebrate the sunset with a drink in hand on the hanging rooftop bar.

Tir Na Gong

Tokyo, Japan

A secret door leads to an underground fairytale world.

Enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle in a magical place while enjoying

cocktails made from mysterious fruits.


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