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Most Loved Museums

Each time I explore a city, whether familiar or new, my curiosity extends beyond the food scene, finding the trendiest bars, and visiting iconic landmarks. I find myself drawn to uncovering the hidden gems within its museums and galleries. Certain cities have beckoned me solely for their artistic treasures, a testament to my years of studying art history during my BFA. 

I've revisited some on this list numerous times, either captivated by cherished masterpieces or simply enthralled by their enduring significance, prompting me to explore them time and again. With each visit, it feels as though I'm experiencing it for the first time, reaffirming the inexhaustible allure of exploration.

Vienna, Austria

Such wonderful interiors, The Wedgwood Cabinet made my dreams come true.

Vienna, Austria

The marble hall took my breathe away.

The largest collection of Klimt pieces.

Don't miss the famed The Kiss, or the portrait of Sonja Knips.

London, England 

This may just be my favourite gallery of the list.

I will never forget the feeling of seeing Fragonard's The Swing.

So many Rococo masterpieces live here.

London, England 

Home to the most extensive collection of portraits in the world.

Over 220, 000 works from the 8th century to present.

Florence, Italy 

The ceilings in and of themselves is enough of a reason to visit.

I love the renaissance and Botticelli's Birth of Venus amazes me each time.

Lake Como, Italy 

Villa and botanical gardens with beautiful views of the lake.

The shades of blue in the frescoes are incredible.

Rome, Italy 

Religious or not, everyone should experience the Vatican museums at least once.

Aside from the Sistine chapel, the gallery of maps is one of my favourites.

Noto, Italy

A little hidden gem in Noto Sicily, dating back to 1792.

The majestic palace stands out, among a maze of baroque buildings, with its elegant neoclassical style.

Versailles, France 

I never tire of Versailles. It requires a lot of time to really indulge.

If its your first time, give yourself the full day.

Paris, France

My favourite space in The Louvre.

Enjoy the splendour of this setting that has survived almost 150 years.

Musée Rodin

Paris, France

Rodin's exquisite home now museum has wonderful gardens to explore.

The way the light hits the sculptures c'est magnifique!

Paris, France 

Located in Place de la Concorde.

The interiors are a 17th century wonder.

Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet

Giverny, France

Monet's remarkable home and gardens in Giverny is worth the short trip from Paris.

The garden changes gradually with the seasons, but my recommendation would be to visit in the Spring or Summer because the water lilies are wonderful to experience!

Paris, France

Musée d'Orsay is incontestably “the” Impressionist museum in the world.

YSL Museum

Marrakech, Morocco 

The architecture, gardens, exhibits both permanent and temporary are beautifully installed.

Lisbon, Portugal

I have a thing for palaces.

This one boasts opulent halls, chandeliers, and ornate frescoes and gilded moldings.

New York, USA

This gallery holds some of my favourite works.

The Progress of Love by Jean Honore Fragonard, Comtesse d’Haussonville by Ingres

& The Arts and Sciences by Boucher


An impressive collection resides here amongst being an architectural sensation.

Madrid, Spain

It hosts the most comprehensive collections of great masters like Goya, Velázquez, Rubens, El Greco, and Bosch.


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