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Vienna with Hotel Sacher Wien

When setting out to plan a trip to Austria, Vienna was always at the top of my list!

A charming city that offers an incredible mix of culture, food and history. I was ready to be captivated by the classical art and musicians, 17th century interiors, lush gardens and desserts of course!

There is no better place to stay than Hotel Sacher Wien located in the center of town; the experience was unmatchable. The Sacher has been an important part of Vienna’s cultural history since it’s opening in 1876. Instilling unique charm and love for hospitality, its long-standing tradition of being a family owned and run business remains true to this very day.

A hotel dressed in elegance truly, each space has a bold colour story filled with ornamental ceilings and carpets, marble stone, silver collections and paintings galore. Merging modernity and innovation with heritage and tradition.

It is jaw dropping, all while being warm and welcoming, never feeling as though it was too busy.

We had the experience of enjoying private access (lucky me!) to Sacher Wien’s very own private café. If you have been to Vienna you know it is all about the café culture…and with that comes its sweet delicacies.

The famous, Sacher-Torte. I had waited years to indulge in this very moment!

Dating back to 1832, this world-renowned confection was created by Franz Sacher. At the time he was only 16 years old! He composed this chocolate torte with minimal ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour and apricot jam. Often regarded as simple, Sacher believed that “simplicity is the heart of greatness in our modern world”. The perfect harmony of these ingredients combined is in fact what makes the Original Sacher-Tore extraordinary. Imagine now days, the torte is sold beautifully packaged in their shop and shipped worldwide. Mini versions graced our pillows in the evenings and you bet I was sure to try their ice cream also in the same flavour!

Another one of my favourite spaces had to be the Blaue Bar. It sets the tone for savoir-vivre with its richly decorated blue brocade walls, plush upholstery and gold-framed figure paintings. The perfect place for an aperitif before the opera (saving that for our next visit!) or nightcap.

So much beauty to indulge in just in the hotel itself.

Thank you to the Hotel Sacher Wien for your hospitality, we look forward to the day we return!

Highlights from Vienna we enjoyed...


Go for the torte!

A rivalry to Café Sacher as they also have a version of the torte. Lovely

interiors, and I enjoyed the hot cocoa and krephens.

Heard many good things, maybe next time!

Lovely for lunch and central to many sights

One word


Restaurants & Bars

In the Sacher Wien, classic Viennese cuisine, beautiful dining experience.

Link to my instagram post

Acclaimed chef Konstantin Filippous's wine bistro, cozy and delicious.

Schnitzel and champagne, yes please!

Middle Eastern in a market


Did not make it here, saving it for next time!

*I have to share that much to our surprise Vienna has many street food vendors. I can honestly say as someone who does not generally indulge in North American street meat, the Wurstel stands are delish!

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