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Best-Loved Brands

There is no doubt that fashion makes us feel good, it allows us to express the self we present everyday to the world.

We are the canvas and muse to so many designers and visionaries. I am always in search of beautifully tailored pieces that nod to the past, especially filled with colour and pattern.

Sharing below a few brands I often turn to when looking for staples or that something special.


Ready to Wear and swimwear pieces handmade by Artisans in Colombia.

I have supported their sister brand, Agua Bendita for many years. They are beautifully made in the most inspiring patterns. In 2018, seeking to take their admiration for artisanship and their profound love for Latin America to new heights, the brand creating Agua an environmentally conscious label that pays tribute to the allure of Latin America.

At one glance you will just know its Zimmermann.

This iconic Australian label stays true to its original vision: Sophisticated femininity, clever colour combinations and delicate original prints.

Another female forward business I cannot get enough of. Inspired by the nostalgia of coastal living from decades past.

With thoughtful curation the brand celebrates all women and the busy beautiful lives they live in their clothes.

French girl done right. Sézane thoughtfully creates classic crafted lasting pieces.

I am always excited about their monthly launches and that they often restock sold out items.

This Viennese designer once studied under Vivienne Westwood and it shows.

Not only do they create ready to wear, but classic traditional drindl wear and custom gowns as well.

Her tailoring is impeccable, they always have a touch of vintage flair with beautiful silhouettes and patterns.

Born in 1967, Caponi built an Italian lovestory blending art and craftsmanship.

A prêt-à-porter collection bridges the Italian savoir-faire to dresses, skirts, pants and shirts.

Gorgeous styles that go hand in hand with nightgowns, home linens and sets of timeless charm.

Designs that evoke a sense of summer and a spirit of travel. Known for its flattering shapes of linen pants, crop tops and feminine dresses.

Femininity meets elegant functionality. I love their tailored styles and fits. Always so chic!

Vintage-feeling pieces leaning towards more modern and clean style.

I especially am drawn to their dress silhouettes.

A brand truly made by women for women.

The BA&SH style remains distinctly Parisian, uniting an expression of freedom with an easy, joyful elegance.

Hands down, my favourite denim!

I have never found a fit more perfect that requires no alterations.


Made in Italy and so very comfortable. Their collaborations with other artists are some of my favourite collections.

Tried and true, Chanel knows how to make a fabulous shoe, boot, sandal, you name it.

Could there be anything more chic than Coco!

Another comfortably made Italian staple I turn to when looking to elevate my shoe game.


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