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Pasta alla Carbonara

One of Rome's iconic culinary delights, carbonara holds a special place in our hearts. 

It's simplicity demands the importance of precise technique and being the dish has so few ingredients the quality of them is integral, this is the time to spend a little extra!

Featuring crispy guanciale, a peppery bite, and a velvety pecorino sauce enriched with golden egg yolks, this dish is easy to make for dinner or a late-night indulgence after a night on the town.

Let's do as the Romans do shall we?

View the process of us making it here.

Serves 2

Mis en Place

250g Spaghettoni

*Use a quality pasta here

Alternatively, tonarelli, bucatini and even a rigatoni work well in holding the sauce

200g Grated Pecorino Romano

4 Large Egg Yolks

200 g Guanciale, cubed

Freshly Grated Pepper

Sea Salt



Step 1

Heat 6 Qrts. of water over high heat.

When water comes to a boil add a handful of sea salt.

Step 2

In a large saucepan, over medium high heat cook guanciale until lightly crisp, roughly 5-6 minutes.

*Do not add any oil to the pan

*Guanciale continues to cook off the heat so be sure not to overcook

Remove with a slotted spoon reserving the fat in the pan.

Step 3

Combine egg yolks with 3/4 of the grated cheese and freshly ground pepper, don't be shy!

Whisk with a fork, making a paste like consistency.

Add 2 Tbsp. of guanciale fat and whisk to emulsify.

Set aside.

In the meantime, drop pasta into salted boiling water and cook until al dente.

Step 4

Once the pasta has been boiling for at least 4 minutes and the starches have released, add 3 Tbsp. of the boiling water to the egg yolk mixture to temper the eggs.

Step 5

Once pasta is al dente, using tongs transfer to the saucepan with guanciale fat.

*Do not strain the pasta, you still may require the pasta water.

Step 6

Over low heat, add half a ladle of pasta water, more freshly ground pepper and stir in the pan for roughly 1 minute.

Turn off heat, and wait roughly 1 minute.

Step 7

Add egg yolk mixture to the pasta and using tongs stir.

*If required, add more pasta water 1 tablespoon at a time to achieve a velvety consistency.

It should be extra saucy as it will tighten up as it cools.

Step 8

Mix in guanciale and divide pasta among bowls.

Top with more freshly ground pepper and reserved cheese.


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